Malware Alert: Google Chrome and Safari fake updates are going viral, do not download even by mistake..


If you are also updating Google Chrome and Safari browsers in your system, then you need to be very careful. We are saying this because fake updates of Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers are going viral. Along with these fake updates, Atomic Stealer malware (AMOS) is also reaching people's systems.


AMOS malware can steal passwords and private and other files from the Mac system. Usually, hackers target Windows users, but this time they have targeted Mac users.
Cyber security firm Malwarebytes has given this information. AMOS malware is being spread to macOS users through Clearlake. Under a campaign, the WordPress site is being hijacked, and then fake browser updates are being given.

For this malware, cyber thugs have created a clone of the download page of Google Chrome and Safari which looks real. Fake update of Chrome and Safari looks new and attractive.
After clicking on these fake downloads, .dmg file is downloaded to the MacBook of the users. After downloading, at the time of installation, it asks for the administration password and after installation, it accesses all types of passwords and files.


The only way to avoid this malware is to not update your Chrome and Safari browsers from any third-party source. If you are using a WordPress site, do not pay attention to the notifications coming for updates, and do not install any installer at any cost.
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