Malpua: If you want something instant and tasty to eat with tea in the evening, then try this delicious recipe of Malpua...


There is fun in drinking tea alone, many people like to eat something sweet with it and many people like to eat something sweet with it. The month of Sawan is also going on, in such a situation Malpua is prepared in many houses. But sometimes Malpua is hardened and burnt. If you want to enjoy soft and perfect Malpua with tea, then see this easy recipe...


Ingredients of Malpua
Wheat flour – 1 cup (125 grams)
Milk – 1/4 cup (50 grams)
Sugar – 1/4 cup (40-50 grams)
oil for frying

How to make Malpua
1. To make Malpua, mix sugar and milk in a bowl with the help of a spoon.

2. After this add flour to it and stir the mixture well until there are no lumps left.


3. Do not dilute the solution too much and do not make it too thick. After beating the batter well, keep it set for 10-15 minutes.

4. Now place the pan on the gas and when the oil is hot, fill one spoonful of batter in it and spread it around in the pan.

5. Fry all the Malpuas in the same manner on low-medium flame and serve hot.
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