Makhana Recipes: Makhana is a treasure of health, make delicious and healthy dish in these 3 ways..


Makhana Recipes: Beneficial for health in every way, Makhana is a very good healthy diet option. Even good dieticians and doctors insist on eating Makhana because it is rich in nutrition. It helps in controlling weight, contains an adequate amount of fiber and protein, and is also helpful in reducing cholesterol.


Therefore, include Makhana in your diet as much as possible. Generally, everyone eats Makhana after frying it in ghee and adding salt. But many other types of dishes can be prepared from Makhana.

3 healthy and delicious recipes of makhana
Makhana Chaat

You can enjoy Makhana Chaat during the fast. For this, you have to boil potatoes first. Then fry the makhana in a separate pan and make it crispy. After this add roasted peanuts to boiled potatoes. Add coriander, chili, chaat masala, and lemon. Add roasted makhana and enjoy spicy makhana chaat.

Makhana Raita
Fry the makhana. Add roasted cumin and black salt to the curd. Sprinkle green chili and coriander and mix well. Add powdered sugar to it. Finally, add roasted crispy makhana and mix. Season with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and red chilies.


Makhana curry
Fry the makhana and keep it aside. Heat oil in the pan. Add seasoning of cumin, bay leaves and red chili to it. Add finely chopped onion and fry, then add garlic chili paste. After this add tomato paste and all the dry spices like coriander powder, garam masala powder and vegetable masala. Fry the masala well until oil starts collecting on the sides. Then add paneer and makhana and mix. Add salt and add some water. Tasty Makhana curry is ready. Garnish with coriander leaves.

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