Makeup Tips: Be it eyes or face, keep these things in mind while doing glitter makeup for a beautiful look...


Makeup Tips: You are going to be a bride soon, so it is obvious that most of the preparations must have been done. From shopping for outfits, and jewellery, to booking of venue and make-up, everything is done. But in our country, marriage is a one-day function. Mehendi, haldi, sangeet, wedding then reception. Outfit and jewelery are decided for every day but there is not so much focus on makeup. There is more need for makeup on wedding and reception days, but if you want to do wonders with your look in Sangeet and Mehndi, then try glitter makeup. Which will give you a completely different look. But keep a few things in mind while doing this.


When applying on the face
It is always important to clean the face before applying makeup. After this, apply a few drops of liquid primer on the face and neck and blend well with the help of a blender. When the primer is completely applied to the skin, dust glitter in face powder and then apply it. Remove excess powder and shimmer with a brush

When applied to the neckline
If you are wearing a deep-neck blouse, then apply glitter to give a glamorous touch to the look. Yes, but it will look good only if your skin is spotless. First of all, apply shimmer lotion and let it get completely absorbed into the skin. Then apply loose powder.

When applied to the upper back
Mix shimmer lotion in liquid foundation apply it on the back and blend well. Then apply loose powder and remove the extra powder. The skin tone will look absolutely natural. If there are acne spots, then apply concealer too.

Highlight brow bone like this
Eye shadow with shimmer makes makeup beautiful and attractive. If you are using shimmery eye shadow, then give a light touch of it on the lips and cheeks. Will look attractive.


For the perfect look of lips
First of all, shape the lips by applying lip liner. Then apply a shimmer lip color. If you are applying a liquid lip color, you can dust shimmer on top. If you are applying nude-tone matte lipstick, then it would be best to apply shimmery gloss.
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