Makeup Tips: You can get a thin and pointed nose with these makeup tips...


Nose Contouring Tricks: Thin and sharp nose makes you look more beautiful. To get a sharp nose, nowadays women are also resorting to surgery, but this option is not possible for everyone because of the high cost. But there is another option by which you can get a thin and pointed nose. Makeup... Yes, you can easily sharpen the nose by adopting some makeup tips and tricks. So know about it here.


Highlight nose bone
To make the nose look thinner and sharper, apply a shiny highlighter one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Then gently apply the highlighter down the bridge of your nose in a thin line from top to bottom. The highlighter should not be too broad, as it can spoil the look instead of enhancing it. You can also use off-white or nude eyeshadow instead of highlighter.

Darken the tip of the nose like this
If you're looking to make the tip of your nose pointy and slightly raised, try a matte bronzer or a skin-tone eyeshadow. For this, apply a brown bronzer on the V shape and tip of the nose. After this, blend using a soft sponge or brush and darken the tip.

Do contouring on the brow bone as well
For contouring, using an angled brush, create a light contour line from your brow bone to the tip of your nose. After making the line to the tip of the nose, make the forward line according to the curve of the nose and then blend the line round-round at the last. Choose a cream contour to blend contour well.


Avoid heavy eye makeup
After contouring on the nose, do not forget to set the makeup with translucent setting powder.

Avoid heavy eye makeup after the second nose contouring as it makes your nose look thicker. Instead, do nude and light makeup on the eyes. Choose an eyeshadow shade that matches your skin tone.

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