Makeup Tips: These color combinations of eyeshadow are best for eye makeup, know here...


Eye makeup tips: The use of eyeshadow is very common in eye makeup. Many people do not forget to apply eyeshadow for a flawless perfect makeup look. However, special care has to be taken of the color combination while applying eyeshadow. Otherwise, your makeup look can also be spoiled. In such a situation, you can easily carry the best makeup look by trying some special color combination eyeshadow.


Eye makeup helps enhance the beauty of the face. Where your eye makeup works to highlight the face. On the other hand, due to the wrong color combination of eyeshadow, your makeup starts looking strange. That's why we are going to share with you the tips to use the best eyeshadow color combination, by trying you can make your makeup look perfect.

Try Orange and Purple
You can easily carry off the classy makeup look by trying a combination of orange and purple colors. Especially in the daytime, orange, and purple colored eyeshadow works to enhance your makeup. And this combination goes well with lehenga and saree as well.

Combination of Metallic Yellow with Black
You can use the color combination of black eyeshadow with metallic yellow to try a different makeup look. For this, apply metallic eyeshadow over the eyes, then give a lighter shade with black eyeshadow on the outside.

Apply bronze and plum eyeshadow
The combination of plum eyeshadow with bronze is perfect to get the best makeup look on party, festivals, and wedding occasions. This color combination looks great, especially with traditional outfits.

Try Pink and Blue Eyeshadow
To get the best makeup look, using pink and blue eyeshadow can also be a good option for you. For this, apply soft pink eyeshadow on the lids, then highlight the corners of the eyes with sky-blue eyeshadow.


Peach and golden color will be best
You can also try golden eyeshadow with peach color to get a light and classy makeup look. To get a warm, glamorous and sparkle makeup look, apply gold shade on the top of the eyes and then apply peach eyeshadow on the outside

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