Makeup Tips: Sumbul Touqeer's makeup tips will be perfect for dark girls..


Bigg Boss 16 fame actress Sumbul Tauqeer Khan may have a dark skin tone, but her amazing makeup tricks enhance her features in such a way that the viewer just keeps staring at her. This story is for skin girls who do not know how to do makeup to look more attractive. You can get the right makeup ideas from here...


Apply dark foundation
Girls with dark skin should always apply foundation 1-2 shades darker than their skin color. A light shade foundation should be applied. Applying a light shade of foundation will not make you look fair but will make you look darker and highlighted. Women with dark skin should stay away from orange-colored foundations. This will make your skin look dark.

Keep these things in mind while doing eye makeup
While doing eye makeup, warm brown, chocolate, silver bronze or green shades look good on the skin of this tone.

Brown mascara is the best
Brown mascara should be worn on dark skin as black mascara will brighten the evening. Similarly, apply brown eyeliner.


Wear dark lipstick
    Dark and light-colored lipsticks look good on dark skin like chocolate brown, brownish, etc. You should avoid wearing very light-colored lipstick like pink or orange.
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