Makeup Tips: Makeup is going to be done for the first time, follow these easy tips to get an awesome look in minutes..


Makeup Tips for Beginners: The use of makeup is an important part of the daily life of most women. Although initially carrying the perfect makeup look becomes a difficult task for many women. Especially beginners are often confused about makeup products and methods of applying makeup. In such a situation, if women want, then by trying some simple makeup tips, they can get the best makeup look in minutes.


There are countless beauty products available in the market related to women's makeup. In such a situation, women unaware of makeup often get nervous while doing makeup for the first time. So let us tell you about some easy makeup tips, by trying you can become a makeup expert from the very beginning.

Makeup preparation
Before applying makeup, clean the face with the help of a cleanser. At the same time, you can wipe the face thoroughly by applying toner in cotton. This will make your face clean. Now after drying the toner, apply a light moisturizer on the face.

Make up base
To prepare the makeup base, first of all, keep a dot on the face by tapping the light foundation with the help of your fingers. Now spread the foundation with light hands and apply it all over the face. After this, apply concealer under the eyes. Now with the help of a makeup brush, apply the translucent powder on the face by moving it in a circular motion. With this, your makeup base will be completely ready.

Eye makeup tips
To do makeup on the eyes, first, choose the eye shadow of your choice. Now with the help of a brush, apply it to the eyelids in a circular motion. After this apply eyeliner to the eyes. At the same time, you can also curl your lashes using a lash curler. Finally, apply mascara on the eyelashes. With which your eye makeup will be complete.


Apply lip color
After doing eye makeup, do not forget to color the cheeks and lips. In this case, apply a blusher on the cheeks and blend it well. Now apply lipstick or lip gloss on the lips. Blend the lip color there with the help of your fingers. Also, you can blend the lip color by pressing both lips together.

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