Makeup Tips: It is very important to apply primer before makeup, know the right way to use it


Makeup Tips: In today's time, there will hardly be any person who does not like to do makeup. Makeup not only makes the face look beautiful, but it also gives a different kind of confidence to women. Due to applying makeup, the blemishes of the face are hidden, due to which women look many times more beautiful. Just as makeup makes the face beautiful, in the same way, applying makeup in the wrong way can spoil your look.

Actually, there is a right way to do makeup. If this method is not followed then the face looks bad. Especially if we talk about the initial step of makeup, then primer is used first. People think that they can use primer like a simple cream, but it is not so. There is also a right way to apply primer, which we are going to tell you about.

First of all do this

Never apply primer directly on your face. For this, first clean the face thoroughly. After this, apply any cream on the face. Lastly, use primer. By doing this, the primer will set properly.

Take care of skin type

Although, in today's time, you can easily find many types of primers in the market, but if you buy it keeping your skin type in mind, then it will be more beneficial. People with dry skin can buy moisturizer-rich primer for themselves.

Use in right quantity
People think that they can use as much primer as they want, but it is not so. Actually, if you apply too much primer on your face, then it can spoil your makeup. If you use it in less quantity, then there will be no benefit of applying it.


Use on the eyelid
Most people forget to apply primer on their eyelid. In such a situation, their eye makeup can get spoiled. Therefore, apply primer on the eyelid as well.


Do not do this after applying primer
Often people start applying foundation on the face immediately after applying primer, due to which it does not set properly. In such a situation, use foundation after about 5-7 minutes of applying primer.

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