Makeup Tips: Follow these methods to get 'Cupid Bow Lips', know here...


Cupid Bow Lips Tips: The world of Korean drama is crazy. In India too, K-pop and K-drama are in trend these days. The beauty of Korean actors and actresses, their skin tone, hairstyles, and now their cupid bow lips have become quite trendy. Everyone is resorting to makeup or even surgery to get such lips. You can get Korean Cupid Bow Lips without surgery and makeup.


What are cupid bow lips
Cupid Bow Lips are heart-shaped which is also known as Heart Shape Lips. This lip shape resembling the letter 'M' of English looks like a bow. Cupid bow lips are not only glamorous in appearance but also very trendy in the fashion world these days.

Do this exercise for Korean cupid bow lips
Stand in front of the mirror and press your upper lip on both sides with the index finger of both hands. Now try to exhale air from your mouth. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Press the chin from below with one hand and hold the upper part of the lips with two fingers of the other hand and try to blow through your mouth. Do this 3 to 4 times.

Now make a fist of the hand and press the chin of your face upwards. Make a pout shape on your lips and exhale slowly through your mouth. Do this for 5 minutes.

By doing this, it is possible that in the beginning you may feel pain and stretch in your lips, but by doing this continuously, your lips will start changing into a cupid bow shape.


Makeup tips
For perfect Korean cupid bow lips, first, apply balm on the lips, and after 5 minutes scrub with the help of lip scrub. You clean them and apply moisturizer on the lips. Now apply a thin layer of concealer on the lips and give a glowing color to the lips. Lightly bend the concealer outwards with the help of a brush. After 2 minutes, shape the lips with gloss or lighter shade lipstick on the lips and bend them well.

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