Make This Mathura's Iconic Peda At Home That Is A Must-Try Sweet for Food Lovers


Mathura, a city in the northern part of India, is famous for its delectable sweet known as Mathura Peda. Its unique flavor, cultural significance, and legacy it carries make it a truly special sweet that captures the essence of the city and its association with Lord Krishna. You can make this at home in easy steps. So let's know how to make this tasty famous peda...

Ingredients Needed :

-Khoya (Mawa) - 200 g

-Sugar - 3 tbsp

-Cardamom powder - 1 tsp

-Ghee - 1 tbsp Milk - 3 tbsp

-Powdered sugar - 1/4th cup


1. Put the khoya in a hot pan.

2. Now add ghee and sugar to the pan.

3. Keep stirring continuously, till the sugar melts.

4. Keep stirring continuously while adding milk, so that it does not stick to the bottom and does not burn.

5. Roast the khoya until it turns golden brown and starts leaving the sides of the pan.

6. When it starts coalescing in the center of the pan, add cardamom powder and mix well.

7. Now remove this prepared mixture from the gas and put it on a plate.

8. Allow it to cool down, when it is slightly warm, start giving the mixture a peda shape.

9. Apply light pressure with your finger in the middle of these prepared trees.

10. Now coat them with powdered sugar and serve.

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