Look-in facility: If you do not like the policy, you can return it, keep these things in mind..


There is a free look-in facility in the insurance policy. With its help, if the policyholder finds out that the policy is not right according to his needs, then he can return it within the stipulated time. This facility can be very useful for them. But many people are not able to fully use the benefits available under it.


Before buying a policy, the details should be checked properly because buying a policy can have a long-term effect. Let us know how it can be used properly.

Look in period
Look-in facility means the time after buying the policy in which the policyholder can return the insurance policy. The important thing is that there will be no penalty for the policyholder and the entire premium will be returned. This will not include the cost of medical tests or other similar expenses.

The free-look-in period is 15 days, which has been increased to 30 days for policies issued after April 1, 2024. The free look-in period applies after the policy has been purchased.

Prohibition on misselling
The biggest problem associated with insurance policies is mis-selling. There are many cases where people are promised one thing but it is not present in the policy. In some cases, the features of the policy are different from what was promised at the time of sale.

Such cases put the policyholder in a situation where he cannot continue with the policy as it is different from his requirement. Hence, a free lock-in period is helpful as it can ensure that the policyholder gets what he needs and his decision is not based on incorrect information.

Policy details
There is often a situation where the person buying the insurance is informed about the terms and conditions of a policy. It often happens that the person does not read about the terms and conditions before buying the policy.

When it is purchased, they get to know about the details of the terms and conditions of the policy. They can read the terms after purchasing it. If they do not like any of the terms or conditions or they find them different from what they want, they can return the policy.

What should policyholders do?
Every person buying an insurance policy must understand the terms and conditions of the policy. However, most people do not even read the terms and conditions of the policy. But they must read it to understand the details of the policy.


They can then use the free-look-in period to confirm whether they need the policy or change their decision without suffering any financial loss. This is the most important thing because it will save money and they will not be forced to continue with something they do not need. They can buy the policy they need.

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