Long Distance Relationship: These signs become a threat to a long-distance relationship, indicating a weak relationship


Long-distance relationship is very common in today's time. There are many such couples, who live miles away from each other due to studies or jobs and cannot meet. Compared to any conventional relationship, a long-distance relationship has to face many challenges. Because sometimes it also happens that after a time the geographical distance and the changing environment create distance in the hearts. This situation should not arise with you, so it is important that you take care in time. It is important that you review your relationship properly and understand whether it will be able to move forward properly or not. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about the signs of long-distance relationships which indicate a weak relationship. Let's know about these signs...


Ignoring Date Night Planning
Scheduling calls/date nights are important for any long-distance relationship to last long. If he is missing your scheduled calls and doesn't seem to have a concrete explanation, then this can be taken as a red flag. Sometimes unforeseen situations happen, but it is not at all appropriate to repeat them regularly. Because if you matter to someone, they can't always be unable to make time for you.

Not receiving calls
In a long-distance relationship, the medium of communication between the couple is a phone call. People also make video calls to talk to or see their partners. But when your partner stops picking up or reducing your calls or video calls, then understand that he wants to distance himself from you. The partner has started ignoring you and the love in the relationship has started decreasing.


Conversation almost over
In a long-distance relationship, there is a way for couples to stay connected through video calls, phone calls or messaging each other. This is how they spend quality time with each other. But now the conversation between you is almost non-existent so this is also a red sign. It is not necessary that the partner should be able to give you full time, because both of you have some challenges of your own, but if he hesitates to talk or does not respond to your messages or makes you wait for hours and even then it is okay. If he doesn't talk to you then you should be alerted. (PC. Social media)

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