Liver Detox Tips: Need to clean the dirt accumulated in every nook and corner of the liver? Try these 7 natural medicines available at home.


How to Clean Liver: The liver is an important organ of our body, which continuously performs many tasks. It filters toxic substances from the bloodstream in the body. Maintains balanced macro and micronutrients. Regulates hormones. Many times, bad eating habits and excessive alcohol consumption cause great harm to the liver. Knowing how important an organ the liver is for the body, its proper care and cleaning is very important, so that it continues to perform its functions properly. Nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee has shared a post related to cleansing the liver on her Instagram account. In this, he has told many such natural methods, by adopting which you can keep your liver healthy for a long life. According to Anjali Mukherjee, a healthy diet plays an important role in the overall health of the liver. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and a liver-friendly diet is the easiest way to protect your liver, keep it functioning well, and avoid liver disease.


7 ways to cleanse the liver

1. According to Anjali Mukherjee, to keep the liver healthy for a long life, it is necessary to cleanse it regularly. For this, the first thing you wake up in the morning is to drink a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice. Lemon, being rich in Vitamin C, also boosts immunity, which reduces the risk of infections and diseases.

2. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of filtered water and 2 to 3 glasses of hot water throughout the day. It should be hot just like tea. This cleanses the liver and kidneys and can also prove to be very effective in reducing weight.

3. Whatever diet you take, it should include at least 40 percent fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits or foods are rich in enzymes, which help in digestion. These boost the ability of the liver so that it can remove toxins easily. If you consume two to three fruits and vegetables every day, there will be many other benefits for your health.

4. Include as little flour and refined sugar in your diet as possible. Due to these food items, the liver has to work harder to do its work. Also, consumption of such things leads to excessive growth of harmful bacteria.

5. Include sprouted grains in your diet regularly. For this, consume plenty of moong, matki, black gram, green gram, and sprouted wheat. All these things work to increase the cleansing properties of the liver.

6. To keep the liver healthy, drink juice prepared from carrot, beetroot, and spinach. By consuming one glass of this juice, the body will get many types of nutrients. The liver will also be detoxed. You can also drink wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass juice. All these are natural healthy beverages to cleanse the liver. There will be no iron deficiency in the body, the blood will also be clean.


7. Avoid consuming those things which contain high amounts of saturated fats. Whole milk, chicken skin, mutton, processed and fried foods etc. are high in saturated fat. Excessive consumption of these can cause damage to the liver. It is better that you eat fresh and homemade food.
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