Lemon Side Effects: Do you know that lemon has not only benefits but also disadvantages? know here...


Disadvantages of Lemon: Lemon is such a fruit whose sour taste is very much liked by people. It remains in the form of salad with food. Food is digested well by its use. Some people start the morning with lemonade or lemon tea. By starting the day with this, the waste materials accumulated in the body come out with the help of excreta and urine, by doing this the stomach becomes strong and the face also glows. But every coin has two sides, good and bad. So today we will not talk about its benefits but about its disadvantages.


Disadvantages of Lemon
If you start consuming lemon excessively, then there may be a problem of severe headaches. It triggers diseases like migraine. If you already have this problem, then consume this sour fruit in limited quantities.

Avoid consuming it if you are going through a dental problem because the acidic properties of lemon can increase the tingling sensation in the teeth. Due to this, your teeth can also become weak and break. That's why to be careful in your consumption of it.

Due to excessive consumption of lemon, you may have to face stomach problems. This can cause stomach irritation, acidity, and nausea. To avoid stomach upset, limit the consumption of lemon so that it gives benefits and does not harm.


Excessive consumption of lemon water can cause kidney stones. Lemon contains citric acid as well as oxalate, so its consumption should be avoided.

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