Lakshmi Puja: It is difficult to please the goddess of wealth without the right method of Lakshmi Puja


Lakshmi Puja: Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, is worshipped in every Hindu household, because everyone wants to please Lakshmiji and get her blessings. But if the worship is not done in the right way, it does not yield results.

Lakshmi Puja: Every person wants to live a happy and prosperous life. Therefore, everyone wishes that he gets the full fruits of his hard work and there is no shortage of wealth, property and amenities in life. For this, every person also makes various efforts.

Mother Lakshmi is called the goddess of wealth in Hinduism. It is believed that where Goddess Lakshmi resides and in the house where she is worshipped, there is never a shortage of wealth and grains. It is said in the Puranas that poverty never comes to the house by worshipping Lakshmi ji. But sometimes it happens that despite earning a lot of money, working hard and performing Puja, the money does not stay in hand.

One reason for this is that Goddess Lakshmi is not happy with the Puja Vidhi performed by you. Therefore, know about the correct method of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. By worshipping Goddess Lakshmi with this method, you can please her and get her blessings.

Materials for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi (Devi Lakshmi Puja Samagri)

For the special worship of Goddess Lakshmi, you will need some things, which are as follows - Kalava, Roli, Sindoor, Coconut, Akshat, Red cloth, Flower, Betel nut, Clove, Betel leaf, Ghee, Kalash, Mango leaf, Chowki, Samidha, Havan Kund, Havan material, Lotus Gatte, Milk for making Panchamrit, Curd, Ghee, Honey, Gangajal, Fruits, Batasha, Sweets, Seat, Turmeric, Incense sticks, Kumkum, Perfume, Lamp, Cotton, Aarti plate, Kusha, Rakt Chandan, Shrikhand Chandan and Lotus or Rose flowers.

What kind of photo or idol should be used for worship

For the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, choose such an idol or picture in which the Goddess is sitting on a lotus flower and is showering wealth. Do not keep the picture in which the Goddess is in a standing posture at home. It is believed that the nature of the Goddess is fickle in a standing posture. In such a situation, Goddess Lakshmi does not stay at home for long.

How to worship Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess Lakshmi worship method in Hindi)

Before worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Then clean the puja room. Now spread a mat and sit. Install a Kalash in front of the idol and put a mango leaf with five leaves in the Kalash and place a coconut on it. Now after bathing Goddess Lakshmi with Panchamrit and water, make her wear clothes again. Then offer turmeric, kumkum, Akshat, sandalwood and red flowers. Also offer fruits, batasha and sweets. If you are performing havan, then perform havan in the kund. After this, do the aarti of Goddess Lakshmi. By worshiping with this method, you will definitely get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

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