Kushi Amavasya 2023: When is Kushi Amavasya? Know importance, date and auspicious time..


Kushi Amavasya has special significance in Sanatan Dharma. It is also called Kushotpatini Amavasya. This happens on the last day of Krishna Paksha of Bhado month. The tradition of plucking Kush on this day and keeping it in homes for the whole year has been going on since ancient times. Kush is used in Sanatan civilization in rituals ranging from worship to marriage, mundan, upanayana, and reverence. It is said that it is used in the Sanatan and Vedic rituals and customs of Hindus.


Kushi Amavasya is on the 14th September
Giving special information on this, Dr. Kunal Kumar Jha, Head of the Department of Post Graduate Astrology Department of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University, said that this time Bhadra Krishna Amavasya will be celebrated on Thursday, 14th September as Kushi Amavasya. Uprooting Kush has special significance in Kushi Amavasya. Devpitra and Pitrakarma are performed with that Kush. The ritual of unfurling Kush is in the morning. After sunrise, by reciting the mantra of Kush, it is uprooted.

Know the time to uproot the Kush
Sadashiv Rudra resides in the front of Kush. Keshav resides in the central part of Kush and Brahma resides in the root part of Kush. It originates on the earth, hence we request the earth to give us this Kush.


Through the mantra, since it falls on Thursday, there is no half-watch in the morning i.e. there is no inauspicious yoga. Therefore, Kush can be uprooted in the morning after sunrise.
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