Kitchen Vastu Tips: After eating food on the dining table, definitely check these things in the kitchen


Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Kitchen is considered to be the temple of the house and it is also the source of energy in your house, so do not ignore the rules related to it, know here what things to keep in mind in the kitchen after eating food.

Vastu Tips Related to Kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Kitchen is considered to be the most important and sacred part of the whole house. According to Vastu, the fate of a person is linked to the kitchen. Mistakes made knowingly or unknowingly in the kitchen have a bad effect on life, due to which not only there are troubles in the family but also the blessings are lost.

Mother Lakshmi does not live in the house. Let us know what things should be taken care of in the kitchen after eating food every day. What are the Vastu rules related to the kitchen.

After eating food, definitely check these things in the kitchen

Tawa and Kadhai - According to astrology, Tawa and Kadhai are related to the planet Rahu. In such a situation, remember to wash the pan and the kadhai after eating. Keeping these two things dirty increases the inauspicious effects of Rahu in the house, the family has to face troubles.

Utensils on the stove - Often people knowingly or unknowingly leave empty utensils on the stove after eating. Doing this is like inviting poverty. If you are not cooking food, then never keep empty utensils on the stove, by doing this the pocket also goes on emptying, the budget of the person starts deteriorating, financial problems surround you.

Take special care of cleanliness - Those who eat food sitting on the floor in the dining table or kitchen, they must clean after eating. Many times while eating, food falls down, which later gets stuck to the feet. In such a situation, the person unknowingly becomes a part of sin because food is the symbol of Goddess Annapurna and Mother Lakshmi.

Touching the food with feet insults them. In such a situation, luck gets upset. The person has to face financial, mental and physical problems. Therefore, clean that place thoroughly after eating. Also, do not leave dirty utensils in the kitchen at night, this does not bring blessings of Lakshmi ji, even after hard work a person struggles for success.

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