Kisan credit card: SBI is giving loan of Rs 3 lakh to farmers at 4 percent interest, only one condition has to be fulfilled...


Agriculture Loans is a good news for farmers. If farmers plant Rabi crops in their fields, then SBI will provide them a KCC loan (Kisan Credit Card Loan) at only four percent interest. SBI has also started making farmers aware in rural areas.


In this series, officials of the Jale branch of the State Bank of India organized a farmer's camp in Shyamdhania village on Sunday. In the camp, farmers were encouraged to plant Rabi crops in their fields. Chief Chanchala Kumari presided over the camp organized at Radhi Western Panchayat Government Building.

The loan will be available through KCC Card:
Branch Manager of SBI Jale, Anil Kumar Jha said that SBI has started a 'Kisan ke Ghar Dwar' campaign to free the farmers from Mahajani loans. Under this, a loan for planting Rabi crops is being provided through a KCC card at an interest of four percent.
Manoj Jha said that farmers should plant Rabi crops properly in their fields. The bank will provide the amount required for farming. You can sell your products after harvesting through various PECs at government rates and then repay the bank loan in six months to one year.


SBI officials said that after returning the loan, farmers can take the loan again. The thinking of the Finance Ministry is to strengthen the farmers economically by providing them with agricultural loans at nominal interest rates.
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