Keto Diet: What is keto diet which is beneficial in PCOS, know its other benefits for health..


Keto Diet: Our diet is very important to stay healthy. These days people are following many good habits to live a healthy life. These habits also include their diet. Nowadays many people follow different diets to stay healthy. Keto diet is one of these, which is followed by many people. Recently, a study has also come out regarding this, in which it was found that this diet is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of PCOS.


PCOS i.e. Polycystic Over Syndrome is a hormonal disorder in women, which affects many women. Due to this problem, women have to face many problems. However, in a recent study, it was found that the keto diet is very beneficial for women with this problem. Let us know about the keto diet and its other benefits-

What is the keto diet?
The Keto diet, also known as the ‘ketogenic diet’, is one of the most popular diets currently. Most people follow it to lose weight. The Keto diet is a high-fat diet, in which the amount of carbohydrates is very low and the amount of protein is moderate. By following this diet, foods rich in fat are eaten and the intake of foods containing carbs is significantly reduced. Let us know about some other benefits of the keto diet-

Effective in weight loss
The ketogenic diet is very effective in weight loss. It helps in reducing weight in many ways. This diet boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. During this diet, many things are eaten that fill your stomach and reduce the hormones that increase appetite.


Remove acne
The problem of acne often occurs due to many different reasons. Some people may also get acne due to diet and blood sugar. In fact, eating processed and carbohydrate-rich foods upsets the balance of gut bacteria, which can cause a significant rise or fall in blood sugar, which has a bad effect on skin health. In such a situation, a study conducted in the year 2012 revealed that by reducing carb intake, people can get relief from acne with the help of a ketogenic diet.
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