Kesar Pista Lassi: Kesar Pista Lassi will dissolve coolness in the body, can be easily prepared..


Kesar Pista Lassi Recipe: You must have tasted Kesar Pista Lassi in the market many times, but if you want to make Kesar Pista Lassi at home, then our mentioned method can be very useful for you. Tasty and healthy Kesar Pista Lassi can be prepared by following some simple steps. Let's know the easy recipe.


Ingredients to make Kesar Pista Lassi
Curd - 2 bowls
Saffron threads - 1 pinch
Pistachios chopped - 1 tbsp
Cashew nuts chopped - 1 tbsp
Chopped almonds - 1 tbsp
Sweet yellow color – 1 pinch (optional)
sugar - as per taste
Ice cubes - 4-5

How to make Kesar Pista Lassi
To make tasty and healthy Kesar Pista Lassi, first cut cashews, almonds, and pistachios into small pieces. After this, put the curd in a utensil and churn it well with the help of a churner. If you want, you can blend the curd by putting it in the mixer. Add sugar to the curd and blend until the sugar dissolves well. After this add ice cubes, some cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio pieces, and sweet yellow color to it and crush it while running the mixie.


When the mixture becomes smooth, take out the saffron-pistachio lassi in a big utensil and add some cashew nuts and pistachios to it and mix it with the help of a spoon. Now pour the lassi into the serving glass and again put some cashew nuts, pistachios, and almond pieces on top. Add two to four saffron threads as well. Flavorful Kesar Pista Lassi is completely ready to serve. If you want, you can serve the lassi even after keeping it in the fridge for some time.
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