Keep these things in mind in the kitchen during the rainy season, otherwise you may fall ill


By following these kitchen tips, you will not only stay away from diseases, but will also be able to enjoy the rain to the fullest. Let's know how..

Kitchen cleaning in the rain
The rainy season has arrived. At this time we should take special care of our kitchen. Germs grow rapidly in humid weather. This can spoil the food quickly and we can fall ill. But don't worry, we can stay healthy by taking care of some simple things. Let's know here..

Know what things to keep in mind

First of all, keep the kitchen clean. Sweep and mop daily. Dry the utensils thoroughly after washing them. Germs grow quickly in wet utensils. Clean the fridge once a week as well. Throw away old or rotten food immediately.

Always keep the food covered. Leaving open food can attract flies and insects. Keep leftover food in the fridge. Do not eat food kept outside for more than two hours. Heat it well before eating.

Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly. It is better to wash them in salt or vinegar water. Use a separate knife and board for cutting raw vegetables.

Do not let water accumulate in the kitchen. Keep the drain and sink clean. Check if water is leaking anywhere. Insects breed quickly in damp places.

Hand hygiene is very important. Wash hands before and after cooking. Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Always drink boiled or filtered water. Eat less outside food. Homemade fresh food is the best.

Avoid insects. Put nets on doors and windows. Use insecticide spray in the kitchen. But be careful, the spray should not fall directly on the food or utensils.

If you see mold anywhere in the kitchen, clean it immediately. First wipe the moldy area with a dry cloth, then clean it with vinegar or bleach.

Check the expiry date of canned food. Throw away old or spoiled food immediately. Do not eat food if you have any doubts.

By keeping these things in mind, we can remain healthy even in the rainy season.

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