Keep These Simple steps in Mind, Transform your eyes into Attractive and Mesmerizing Beauty That Draws Attention Effortlessly

kajal as a alluring beauty

Girls dress up like a fairy on any special day. But sometimes the kajal applied in the eyes to make them beautiful makes them something other than an angel. Because the mascara of the eyes spreads very quickly instead of making your face look beautiful, it starts looking ugly. That's why today we have brought some tips for you, with the help of which the mascara will not spread and you can avoid being embarrassed on your special occasion. So let's know about those tips.

- Choose such a mascara that is not going to spread. Waterproof Kajal does not spread at all and also lasts for a long time. Cleanse your face with toner before applying mascara. This will keep the skin clean and dry. Apply under the eyes as well.

make a smokey look from kajal

- When the kajal is spread badly, it starts to look like a dark circle. So in this case you can use eyeliner. You can apply eyeliner on the skin under the eyes, keep in mind that the eyeliner should not go inside the eyes. Apply as if you have applied mascara.

- Apply thick mascara before sleeping at night. Then in the morning when the kajal has spread, you clean it, it will remain attached and will not spread again. Also, it will bring a new freshness to the tired lifeless eyes.

- While applying kajal, do not apply it to the edge of the eyes, due to which there is a fear of spreading of kajal. To prevent the spread of mascara, apply a very thin layer of it towards the edge of the eyes and a thick layer in the middle. If there is a problem with the spreading of mascara on your eyes, then you can use Silver Lining from the market.
- Before applying kajal on the eyes, apply a little powder under the eyes. Kajal spreads quickly on oily skin, so keep the skin clean to prevent it from spreading. Use a brush or powder sponge under the eyes.

- You can apply both kajal and eyeliner so that it does not spread. First, apply kajal and then apply eyeliner from below it. Thick kajal looks great and it also enhances the beauty of the eyes. Do not forget to apply powder after this.

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