KCC: Government is giving loan of Rs 3 lakh to farmers at 4 percent interest, know how to avail the benefit...


Kisan Credit Card Scheme (KCC Scheme) is running to provide financial help to the farmers. This is the loan scheme with the lowest interest rate in the country. Under this scheme, farmers get short-term tenure loans, so that they can meet their sudden financial needs. One advantage of this is that the farmers do not have to pay much interest on the loan they get under this scheme, they get the loan at a much lower interest. We are telling you what is Kisan Credit Card, what are its benefits and how can you apply for it.


Discount on loan interest rate
KCC Loan Interest Rates Farmers always need financial assistance for agricultural activities. To accomplish this, farmers used to take loans from moneylenders and got trapped in the clutches of heavy interest. Kisan Credit Card Scheme has been started to provide loans to farmers at affordable interest rates and in easy ways. Under this scheme, farmers get loans up to Rs 3 lakh at a 4% interest rate.

Benefits of Kisan Credit Card

1. KCC holder gets coverage of up to Rs 50,000 in case of death or permanent disability, and up to Rs 25,000 in case of second risk.
2. Eligible farmers are given a savings account along with a Kisan Credit Card, on which they get interest at good rates, along with this they also get smart cards and debit cards.

3. There is a lot of flexibility in repaying the loan. Loan disbursement is also done quite easily.

4. This credit remains with them for 3 years, farmers can repay their loan after harvesting the crop.

Method to apply online for Kisan Credit Card-
Step 1- For this, first of all, you go to the website of the bank from which you want to take KCC.
Step 2- After this, select the option of Kisan Credit Card here.
Step 3- After this click on Apply option.
Step 4- Now an application form will open in front of you, fill it out completely.
Step 5- After this submit it.
Step 6- After this, the bank will contact you in 2 to 3 days to verify all the details. After this, you will get KCC.

Where to get a Kisan Credit Card?
- Co-operative Bank
- Regional Rural Bank
- National Payments Corporation of India
- State Bank of India
- Bank of India
- Industrial Development Bank of India


Who can apply?
No separate category has been created for this. If you own land and are farming, then all farmers can apply for a Kisan Credit Card to take a loan under this scheme. Farmers doing share farming can also apply for this. Lease farmers can also get loans under this. The minimum age to apply for Kisan Credit Card is 18 years and the maximum age is 75 years.

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