Karva Chauth 2023: Do not wear these colors even by mistake on the day of Karva Chauth..


Women observe the fast of Karva Chauth for the long life and happy life of their husbands. There is a tradition of offering Arghya to the moon on this day. Women break the fast of Karva Chauth by keeping a waterless fast for the whole day and offering Arghya to the moon. But many things need to be taken special care of on this day. It is prohibited to wear clothes of a particular color on this day and Arghya should be offered to the moon only according to the right time. Astrologer Manohar Acharya says that on this day women should offer Arghya along with moon worship, this completes the fast of Karva Chauth.


  Muhurta for fasting
Astrologer Manohar Acharya says that according to the Vedic calendar, this year the Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month starts from 9:30 pm on 31st October (Tuesday) and this date will end on 1st November (Wednesday) at 9:19 pm. will be. Karva Chauth fast will be observed on 1st November (Wednesday) based on Udaya Tithi and the moonrise of Chaturthi. On this day women will have to observe waterless fast for 13 hours 42 minutes. The fast will be from 6:33 a.m. to 8:15 p.m. Women will get the auspicious time of 1 hour 18 minutes for Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga for worship on the evening of 1st November (Wednesday). The auspicious time of Karva Chauth Puja is from 5:36 p.m. to 6:54 p.m. On the day of Karva Chauth, the moonrise will be at 8:15 pm, at this time it would be appropriate to offer Arghya along with moon worship.


Do not use clothes of this color
Astrologers said that women should avoid certain colors on the day of Karva Chauth. He said that women should not wear white clothes on this day. White clothes are considered auspicious, but under any circumstances, women observing fast on the day of Karva Chauth should not wear white clothes. It is believed that white clothes are worn by widowed women. Also, they should avoid black color. Apart from the black beads threaded in the Mangalsutra, there should not be any black-colored clothes on their body. By observing Karva Chauth and keeping these things in mind, the devotee gets its full benefits.
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