Kanji Vada: Make Kanji Vada for breakfast, here is the easy recipe..


Kanji Vada Recipe: People like to eat delicious food from breakfast to dinner. What is the matter if you get new dishes every day in food? People always like such a dish for breakfast, which is spicy and tasty. One such delicious dish is Kanji Vada. Kanji Vada is considered much better in terms of digestion. Let's learn the easy recipe to make Kanji Vada today.


Ingredients to make Kanji Vada: To make Kanji, 1 liter water, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon black salt, asafoetida, 1 tablespoon mustard oil, 1 tablespoon yellow mustard, and salt as per taste are required. On the other hand, moong dal, oil, asafoetida, and salt as per taste are required to make vada. The ingredients can be increased or decreased according to the people eating it.

How to make Kanji Vada
Make Kanji like this: Take water in a utensil and keep it on low flame to heat. When it cools down, put it in a separate utensil/container. Now add asafoetida, pre-ground mustard seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, mustard oil, and salt. Mix it well with a spoon. Now close the utensil/container and keep it well. Keep stirring it daily with a spoon. In 3 to 4 days your kanji will become sour and complete.

Make vada like this: Wash and clean moong dal thoroughly to make vada. Now soak this dal in water for 3 to 4 hours. When the dal swells well, remove the extra water from the dal. After this, put the lentils in the mixer and grind them coarsely. When the whole dal is ground, add salt and asafetida to it and mix it well. Mixing the moong dal with a spoon, beat it for at least 5-7 minutes.


Now put oil in a pan and put it on low flame. After this, when the oil is hot, take the vada in your hand and put it in the pan, and fry it. Fry it till it turns golden brown from both sides. When it gets fried, take it out of the pan. Similarly, fry all the vadas. After this put these vadas in the already prepared kanji and leave it for at least half an hour. After this, when the vadas are well puffed in kanji and ready, then enjoy eating.
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