Kanji Vada: Apart from being tasty and spicy, this dish also keeps the digestion healthy...


Most people think about digesting anything before eating it. Their biggest tension is whether the thing they are eating will be easily digested or not. Anyway, the matter of digestion is quite sensitive. Today we are going to tell you about a recipe that is very good in terms of digestion or we can say that it is a panacea. This is Kanji Vada. No matter how heavy a diet you have taken, this dish is very effective in digesting it. This is a dish which, besides being tasty and spicy, also keeps the digestion healthy.


Ingredients for Kanji
Water: 2 liters
Mustard: 4 tbsp (finely ground)
Turmeric: 1 teaspoon
Red chilli powder: 1 tsp
Asafoetida: ½ pinch
Mustard oil: 2 teaspoons
Salt: as per taste

Ingredients for making vadas
Moong dal - 1 cup (soaked)
Salt - as per taste
Asafoetida – ½ pinch
Oil – for frying

- We will prepare the kanji first. Wash the glass vessel thoroughly and dry it in the sun.

- After this add pre-ground mustard seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, asafoetida, salt, and mustard oil.

- Along with this also add water to it. Now mix these spices with a spoon for 5 minutes.

- Add the remaining water to it and mix it. Close the glass box.

- Keep it in a warm place and stir it with a spoon every day. Kanji will turn sour in 3-4 days.

- Now it's Kanji Vada's turn. First of all, make vadas. For Vada, wash the lentils thoroughly with water and clean them.

- Now soak this dal in water for at least 4 hours so that the dal swells properly.

- Later remove excess water from the lentils. Now put the lentils in a mixer and grind them coarsely.

When the pulses are ground, take them out in a vessel. Grind the remaining lentils in the same manner.

When all the pulses are ground, add salt and asafoetida and mix well. Beat for 5 minutes while mixing with a spoon.

- The dal has to be beaten until it looks puffed up. Put oil in the pan and offer it.


Now take the vada mixture in your hand put it in the pan and fry it. When it is fried well from both sides, take it out.

Fry all the vadas like this and take them out. Put the vadas in the already prepared kanji and leave them for at least half an hour.

- After this, when the vadas and kanji are puffed up and ready, serve it.
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