Kalakand: Don't let the curdled milk go waste, the sweet dish Kalakand is ready in no time...


Many times milk curdles in homes due to extreme heat. In such a situation, the problem arises as to how to use this milk. People generally make cheese from curdled milk. However, it can be used in other ways. Especially tasty sweets can be made from it. This sweet is ready in no time. Here we are talking about Kalakand. Soft and granular Kalakand can be made quickly from curdled milk. We can say with certainty that you will like this Kalakand very much. Apart from this, if guests are coming to the house then it can be served to them also. They will not remain without praise.


Spoiled milk – one and a half kilos
Condensed milk – 200 grams
Milk powder – 2 teaspoons
Pistachios – 5 chopped
Saffron – 5 to 7 threads

- First of all, boil the milk to separate the chenna. When boiling, water and milk will separate.
If the chenna does not separate even after boiling, you can add lemon or vinegar to it. Now filter it in a clean cotton cloth and separate it.
- Wash it with water to remove rancidity. After this, squeeze the chenna well. This will remove all the water from the chenna.
- Place chenna in a big bowl. Now mash it by hand or in a blender.
- Add 2 spoons of milk powder in this bowl. It enhances the taste.

- Now add 200 grams of condensed milk to it. Mix all the ingredients well.
- Keep the pan on the gas. Mix this mixture in it. Cook it for some time on low flame. No sugar is added to it as it is already sweet due to condensed milk.
- Cook it for some time so that it does not become hard.
- Now take out the kalakand on a smooth plate. Set it well and leave it for half an hour. Then cut into small pieces.
- Garnish Kalakand with pistachio-saffron and enjoy eating. It can also be served to guests.
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