Jitiya Vrat: If you are observing Jitiya Vrat then keep these things in mind, know the method and material of worship...


Jitiya festival has started today Thursday. In this ritual which lasts for three days, the first day is bathed. Tomorrow on Friday the devotees will observe waterless fast. Parana will be performed on Saturday morning after fasting for about 28 hours. In terms of purity, this festival is compared with the Chhath festival. Jitiya festival has to be followed according to many religious rules. Otherwise one does not get the fruits of fasting. Let us know the correct rule of Jitiya fast from the astrologer of Deoghar…


Pramod Shringari, a famous astrologer of Deoghar and a pilgrim of Baidyanath temple, told Local 18 that this year Jitiya Vrat has started from October 05. Which is going to run till 07 October. Took a bath on 5th October. The fast will be observed on 06 October and Jitiya Vrat will be broken on 07 October. Many women observe Jitiya fast by consuming water while others observe waterless fast. However, only the Nirjala fast has importance in Jitiya.

The correct method of Jitiya Vrat
Astrologers say that on the day of Jitiya's Nahay Khae, the fasting people should consume food prepared without garlic and onion. The fast starts with the beginning of Ashtami Tithi. Jimutavahana is worshiped on that day. Do not forget to offer mustard oil and cake during the puja. After the Parana, that oil is applied to the heads of the children. At the same time, during the fast, the mind should be absolutely pure and if you take a resolution of fasting without water, then do not consume water even by mistake. It has inauspicious effects. The next day Parana should be done with cow ghee. Due to this, the fast of the Jitiya festival is considered auspicious.

What is the method of worship?
On the day of fasting, take food and water before sunrise. After that take a bath. After taking a bath, offer ardhya to the Sun God. There is a tradition of worshiping on the day of fasting and along with this one should also listen to the fasting story. Do not consume even water during the fast. The next day, after Ashtami Tithi is over, take a bath and offer 'Ardhya' to Sun God and perform Parana.

What are the puja materials?
In Jitiya Vrat, there is a tradition of worshiping Lord Jimutavahana and an eagle and lion made of cow dung. During the Jitiya fast, standing Akshat, Peda, Dhurva garland, betel leaves, cloves, cardamom, betel nut for puja, makeup items, vermillion, flowers, knotted thread, idol of Jimutvahana made of Kusha, incense, lamp, sweets, fruits, mustard. Oil, cake, and cow dung are required.


Jitiya Vrat Timings:
Ashtami Tithi is starting from 4 a.m. on 6th October. With this, Vrati's Nirjala fast will start and the fast will remain till 10.20 am the next day i.e. 07 October. Women should cross on October 7 at 10.36 a.m. This year Jitiya's fast is going to last for a total of 28 hours.
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