ITR Filing Tips: Do not make this mistake while filing ITR..


After filing the Income Tax Return (ITR Filing 2024), people start waiting impatiently for their returns. But sometimes due to a mistake, they do not get their return. To avoid this mistake, let us tell you that after filing an ITR (income tax return file), you must do its e-verification. E-verification should be completed within 30 days of filing ITR.


E-verification is very important.
If you have not e-verified your ITR (ITR E-verification), then your ITR will not be considered filed. This means that without e-verification, the filing process is considered incomplete and your ITR becomes invalid.

Take care of these things.
While filing an ITR, you should take special care of some things. Whatever information you fill in the form while filing ITR (ITR filing mistakes) should be accurate. Because the Income Tax Department issues the refund only after verifying the details given by you.

Big problem due to mistake in bank account details
Many times, due to a mistake in the bank account details of the people, even after the Income Tax Department issues the refund, they do not get it (ITR Filling bank account). Therefore, you should also check your bank account details once. If the bank details are wrong, then you can correct it immediately by visiting the website of the Income Tax Department.

If you do not get the refund due to your bank details being wrong, then in such a case you will have to request the Income Tax Department (ITR Filing 2024) to re-issue it.

Get ITR e-verification done like this.
Aadhaar OTP: To e-verify ITR in this way, you will have to enter your Aadhaar number and the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Through bank account: If your bank account is linked to your PAN, you can e-verify your ITR using the KYC generated by your bank (ITR bank account E-KYC).

Through demat account: If you have a demat account, you can e-verify your ITR using the EVC (Electronic Verification Code) provided by your demat account provider.

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Net banking: You can also e-verify your ITR using net banking. For this, you have to log in to your net banking account (ITR filing tips and tricks) and follow the instructions given to e-verify your ITR.

Digital Signature Certificate: If you have a digital signature certificate, you can also use it to verify your ITR (ITR Filing process).

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