ITR File: Never make these mistakes while filing income tax returns..


The deadline for filing an Income Tax Return (ITR) is approaching. If you do not file the return by July 31, you will be charged a penalty and will have to pay interest on the tax. Belated returns can be filed (ITR File deadline 2024) with penalty and interest on tax till December 31. Experts say that the facility of belated return is for those people who are unable to file the return by July 31 due to some special reason. Filing returns before July 31 benefits taxpayers in many ways (ITR Filing Tips). Experts have advised taxpayers to avoid 5 mistakes in filing returns. This will not cause them any problems.


1. Wrong personal information
The most common mistake in filing an ITR is giving personal information. Till now much information is already filled in the ITR form. But, the taxpayer has to choose the assessment year (ITR form mistakes). Selecting the wrong assessment year can cause problems. Apart from this, it is important to check the pre-filled information properly. If any information is left wrong, your return may be rejected (ITR file rejection).

2. Wrong choice of ITR form
If the taxpayer does not choose the right ITR form for himself, then his return will become defective. The Income Tax Department has different types of ITR forms. The taxpayer needs to choose the right ITR form (Income tax return file) for himself. If the taxpayer is facing difficulty in this, then he can take the help of an expert. While filing the return, the taxpayer needs to be sure that he is using the right form to fill the return (ITR Return last date).

3. Information about all sources of income
Many taxpayers give information about the main source of their income. However, they forget to provide information like interest on money deposited in savings accounts, and rental income (ITR Income source details). Taxpayers must tell about all their income, big or small, in return.

4. Not verifying the return properly
After filing the income tax return, it is mandatory to verify it (ITR file verification). If you do not do this, the income tax authorities will not consider your return. All your hard work will go to waste. Therefore, it would be good to verify the return along with filing it. If you do not do this, you may forget to verify it.

5. Ignoring data from Form 26AS
Form 26AS contains information about TDS and TCS of taxpayers. It is necessary to match them with your records. If you do not do this (ITR form 16), then there may be a mistake in your tax calculation. If you are a salaried taxpayer, then match the data of Form-16 with the data of Form 26AS.


6. Wrong information about foreign assets and income
If you have property or income abroad, then do not forget to mention it in the ITR form. Many people buy property or house (how to fill ITR File) while working abroad. If this is the case with you, then it is necessary to mention it in the return. If this is not done, the Income Tax Department can impose a heavy penalty on you or can also take legal action.

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