ITR File: The income tax return deadline is near, these documents will have to be submitted one by one, know the list..


The time has come to file an income tax return. 31st July is the last date. The sooner you file the return, the sooner the refund will come to your account. But, it is important to prepare before filing the return. A list of documents related to ITR has to be prepared. Which documents (Income tax return File) are required? And why do you need them? Most importantly, ITR documents are different for different taxpayers. In this, your income and investment are different. If you divide the documents required for the return (IT filing tips) into 3 parts, it will be easy. First- Income and investment proof, Tax statement, and third personal details.


1) Income and investment proof
At the time of ITR filing, you have to tell how much income you have had in a financial year and where you have invested.

If you have invested in tax saving tools covered under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act like FD, ELSS, etc., then keep the documents related to them ready.

If you have taken a home loan, then here also you get tax exemption (Income tax refund). You can claim a tax deduction on the interest paid on the principal amount and for this, you have to show the home loan statement.

If you get income from rent, then it has to be disclosed. If you live on rent, then take the bill receipt from your landlord (ITR files important documents), this can help you save tax. You do not have to attach these papers, but keep them safe, just in case.

Apart from this, if you have earned money by selling shares, securities, or property, then also it should be disclosed and for this, you may have to give a broker statement, property sale deed, etc. If you have earned dividends, you can show it through a demat account statement (Property sale deed).

2) Tax statement/Form 16
Now let's talk about Form 16. Salaried employees especially wait for it. In their case, it is issued by the employer and contains the details of your salary and TDS deduction. It has two parts - A and B. Part A tells how much tax has been deducted, what the PAN (Income tax deduction) and the TAN of the employer. Part B contains details of gross salary breakup, exemptions, etc.

Information about salary, interest, etc. is in Form 16A. Whereas, if you sell a property, your buyer gives you Form 16B. Form 16C contains the details of the TDS deduction on rent (ITR form 16).

3) Form 26AS and AIS
Form 26AS is like a tax passbook. It contains the details of all the taxes you have deposited. If TDS has been deducted, it will be reflected in it (ITR deadline), if you want to get a refund, then you must make sure that all the details in this form are correct. Similarly, the Annual Information Statement is also the horoscope of your tax, in this, you get all your information from tax deductions, and liability displayed.

4) Personal details Pan-Aadhaar is important
PAN is issued by the Income Tax Department. This is the most important document. PAN should be linked to your bank account. If it is related to an Aadhaar card, then it is easy to file returns (Aadhaar PAN link). According to Section 139AA of the IT Act, taxpayers must provide an Aadhaar number when filing an ITR.


5) Bank details - Bank statement/passbook
For ITR filing, you will have to provide details of all your bank accounts. You will have to tell the bank name, account number, IFSC, and how many accounts you have. You will also have to tell in which account you want the tax refund. Also, you will have to give a copy of the bank statement or passbook (ITR filing tips), so that it can be checked how much you have earned from interest on your savings account in a financial year (ITR Filing process).

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