iPhone Tips: With these easy methods, your iPhone's storage will be freed up within minutes, you just have to do this small task...


If you are an iPhone user, you might have faced storage problems at some point or the other. Especially for those who have an iPhone with 64 GB storage, this is a big problem. In such a situation, we are going to tell you some such methods with the help of which you will be able to free up storage on your phone in a few minutes.


Delete unnecessary apps
There are many such apps on iPhones that we use very rarely or do not use at all. Such apps occupy the storage space in the phone. If you also have such apps on your phone, you can delete them. This frees up the phone's storage to a great extent.

Save data on the cloud
If the number of photos and videos in the phone is high then you can backup this data on the cloud. The advantage of using a cloud storage service is that the phone's storage is freed up.

Delete old messages
There are many old messages on the messaging app used on the phone. In such a situation, you can delete unnecessary messages. This will eliminate the problem of instant storage to a great extent.

Optimize photo storage settings
iPhone storage can also be freed up by optimizing photo storage. For this, you have to enable Optimize iPhone Storage by going to Settings.


Delete browser cache and data
The browser we use on our phones consumes a lot of storage. In such a situation, the cache and data of the browser should be deleted from time to time. This will solve the storage problem to a great extent.

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