iPhone 15 Update: iPhone 15 Pro has a special connection with ISRO, with the new feature Apple users will be able to use indigenous technology..


If we say that the recently launched Apple iPhone 15 Pro has a special connection with the Indian National Space Research Organization i.e. ISRO, then your attention will also come towards it for a moment. Actually, we are not the only ones saying this, but because of a special feature present in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, this will also be possible.


A special feature of the iPhone 15 Pro Series
It is known that Apple has introduced the iPhone 15 Pro series with performance and camera upgrades. Along with this, Apple has introduced the iPhone 15 Pro series with a special connectivity feature.

With the iPhone 15 Pro series, users will have ISRO's NavIC technology. This will provide navigation support to Apple iPhone users.

What is NavIC technology?
Actually, this will be India's indigenous version of the Global Positioning System. However, it will be run by the US government only. ISRO has worked with Qualcomm for the integration of indigenous technology in mobile chipsets.

However, ISRO was working directly with Apple for the A17 Pro chipset. Apple and ISRO have jointly introduced India's indigenous navigation technology NavIC in the new iPhone Pro model. NavIC technology can be seen in the location segment of the Pro model on Apple's official website.

How does NavIC technology work?
With NavIC, Apple users get two types of location services. The user gets standard positioning service as well as encrypted service.


Actually, encrypted services have been introduced for security agencies and military access. However, we will have to wait a little longer to see when this feature can be introduced for Indian users in Apple's Pro models.
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