iOS 18 Update: iPhone users will get many great features, new update will give top class experience..


Apple is also known for updates other than the iPhone. This also includes the company's iOS update, which is known to introduce new features and updates. Currently, new information has come out that the company can launch its iOS 18 in a few months.


Let us tell you that iOS 18 is the next version of Apple's mobile operating system, which gives many special and updated features to iPhone users. Every time you update your iPhone with a new iOS you get ways to interact with it. As we know iOS 18 can be introduced in WWDC 2024, so let us know what special can be found in it.

Siri will get AI support
     With every update, the company also updates its assistant. This time also the company is thinking about it. Apple will add generative AI capabilities like ChatGPT to its voice assistant Siri.

     Apple is developing its own generative AI model, a new media report has revealed.

     Let us tell you that Apple may use OpenAI's GPT technology similar to Copilot for some of the AI features on iPhones.

     Along with Siri, there has been talk of adding generative AI features to the Notes app and Music app, apart from this, some features will also be added for AI-generated photo and video editing.

App sideloading
     Media reports also suggest that Apple is introducing app sideloading in Europe with the iOS 17.4 update. Now with the new iOS 18 update, this feature can be made available worldwide.

     With its help, you have to first download a third-party app store from Apple's App Store to download and install apps signed and not signed by Apple.

     Let us tell you that till now, Apple iPhone users have not been allowed to sideload apps. Due to this, they could not install apps or games from outside the App Store.

RCS protocol support
     RCS protocol will also be supported with the iOS 18 update, which will be introduced in iMessage. Its biggest advantage is that it will provide a seamless messaging experience between Android and iOS devices.

     This will make it easier for users to share multimedia files and audio messages. Let us tell you that text messages sent from Android will appear in green bubbles instead of blue and green bubbles.

Third-Party Payment Gateway
     With this update, the app will let you use third-party payment gateways for subscriptions. With this, you can reduce these app shopping and subscription fees by up to 30 percent.


     Let us tell you that music and podcast apps like Spotify and Epic are already working on Shudd's payment gateway for iPhones, which will initially be available in Europe. However, with the iOS 18 update, people will benefit from it worldwide.

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