Investment: These are the best investments for working women, along with security of capital, they will get good returns...


The number of working women in the country is continuously increasing. Most women keep their money at home on which they do not get any interest. If this money is invested in the right place, not only will the money be safe but will also be able to earn good profits. To be financially independent and have financial security, earning alone is not enough but investing is also necessary. If you are also a working woman, then you must know the important things related to the best investment options.


1. Gold Investment (Gold)
Women have been investing in gold since ancient times. You can earn profits by investing in gold through many options like physical, digital gold, gold bonds, and gold ETFs. Currently, options like digital gold have made gold investment more safe and easy. You can earn good profits by investing in gold.

2. Mutual Fund SIP
However, good returns can be earned by investing in the stock market. But there is a high risk in this. If you want to take an investment plan with less risk then mutual fund SIP will prove to be a better option for you. If you want to invest for a long time, then let us tell you that SIP is a better option for you, because it is economical as well as easy.

3. Debt fund
Debt funds are actually mutual funds, which give higher returns than FD without taking any risk. Once the fixed deposit period is over, debt funds give you good returns at fixed rates. At present, interest in debt funds is 6% to 8%. In this, women can start SIP with a minimum Rs 500.

4. National Pension Scheme
Working women can collect pension funds for old age by investing in the retirement scheme of the Government of India. The government has launched many pension schemes. Which also includes the National Pension Scheme. In which you can keep your money safe by investing. Corporate bonds, equity, liquid funds are included through NPS.


5. Health Insurance
It is often said that the best investment we can make is in our health. This is important for the safety of your family as well as your health. Financial Protection Health insurance provides financial protection by covering the high costs of any critical illness. With the help of health insurance, we can avoid financial crisis due to ill health.

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