Internet Tips: These special tips will be useful in the age of Internet, you will never fall into the trap of scammers..


The Internet has become a vital necessity nowadays. Most of our time goes on the internet. Be it online shopping, posting on social media, or ordering groceries, all these tasks are now done online.


Now the Internet has advanced so much that today one can take the help of online apps to stay connected with family members, search for jobs, and even get married. But have you ever thought that more or less all your information is available on the Internet? In such a situation, anyone can misuse your personal information. But we have brought some tips, with the help of which you can easily avoid online problems. Let us know about it.

Use privacy features
Almost all social media platforms or any other platform and your phone give you the option of privacy settings.

Who can see your information or posts, who can access your contact list? You can control this through your privacy settings.

Apart from this, you also have to keep in mind that your location is not being shared, because when you use some apps like food ordering apps, they ask to access your location. In such a situation, you should keep it off when you are not working.

You have a lot of information on the internet
We share some of your information on social media and many online shopping platforms. In such a situation, you have to take care that you do not share too much personal information online.

For example, if you are sharing a photo on your social media, it should not contain your home address, phone number, or any very personal information. This can allow scammers to take advantage of your information.

Beware of links coming in messages
Often we hear about such incidents in which people have clicked on a link and their account may go out of their control. Yes, be careful of such messages.

Let us tell you that this message can come to you from an unknown account or even from a friend's account, which may have been hacked by hackers.
Keep these security tips in mind

Apart from this, you should remove the accounts that have not been active in your friends for a long time because these accounts can be used by scammers for fraud.

Apart from this, there are many platforms which give you some options for security. As Meta offers two-step verification for its social media platforms, your account can be more secure.


Apart from this, you can use a passkey instead of a password, which is a more secure option.
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