International Girl Child Day: Why is International Girl Child Day celebrated every year, know the importance of this day..


International Girl Child Day: International Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on 11 October. The purpose of celebrating it is to promote girls' rights, and empowerment and eliminate gender discrimination. Through this, an attempt is made to spread awareness about the challenges girls face. Along with this, emphasis is also laid on working for the empowerment and rights of girls at the global level. This year’s theme is “Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-Being”.


It was first celebrated in 2012 and since then it has been celebrated on 11 October every year. Through this, efforts are made to give girls the right to better education, security, and healthy life. Let us know on this International Girl's Child Day how you can become a friend to your lovely teenage daughter.

Spend time with them
During adolescence, it often happens that you and your daughter do not spend time together, due to which distance starts coming between you. Therefore, try to spend some time with your daughter every day. You can go with them to watch a movie, picnic, park, go shopping anywhere. Apart from this, you can also do cooking, gardening, etc. with them at home.

Listen to them
Your daughter faces many challenges in adolescence. Due to this they often feel that they are alone, and all these problems are happening only to them. In such a situation, instead of giving them advice, listen to them so that they feel that you are with them. You can share stories from your childhood with them so they know you understand and they can take advice from you.

Don't force your views on them.
Your daughter will always be small for you but understand that your daughter is no longer a child. They have their own likes and desires, which may be different from yours. Their way of working may also be different from yours. Therefore, do not force your views on them. Let them do things of their choice and you also try to take interest in their choices.


Be their role model
You will become your daughter's true friend when you tell her about empowerment and her rights. For this, do not just give them a lecture but become an example for them. Because knowingly or unknowingly your daughter is adopting many of your habits. Therefore, try to show him through your behavior what you are teaching her.
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