Interesting Facts: How much do you know about the city of Nizams, have you ever seen such a beautiful city


Hyderabad is called the city of the Nizams. People come from far and wide to taste the delicious Biryani here. It is also home to the world's largest film studio. There are some facts in the city that few people know.

Flavours of Hyderabadi Biryani: When it comes to Biryani, the name of Hyderabadi Biryani comes first. Different types of Biryani are made in the city. It is said that more than 26 varieties of Biryani are made here. Whose taste is quite famous.


Charminar: Hyderabad is identified by this building only. After hearing the name of Charminar or seeing it, it must have come to your mind that some king or Nizam must have built it, but you are wrong. Char Minar was built by Quli Qutb Shah to save his people from the deadly plague. It was built as a sign of prayer to God.

City of Pearls: Hyderabad is famous for freshwater pearls. Fond of culture and art, the Nizam brought all kinds of pearls to gift the women of his family. Loot foreign pearl ornaments on your Begum Jano. When the demand for these pearls increased, traders from all over the world came here. Satlada, Panchalda necklace is most popular here.

The world's largest Buddha statue: Hyderabad is the city in the world, which has the largest Buddha statue. This statue is made of a piece of rock in the middle of Hussain Sagar Lake. One can reach here by boat. The weight of this idol is said to be about 450 tonnes and its height is 18 meters.

World's Largest Snow Park: Very few people know that the city of Nizams also has the world's largest snow park. This park is built in about 3 acres. People of all ages come here to enjoy. Fun rides are the identity here.


The world's largest film studio here: Hyderabad is the city where the world's largest film studio is built. You must have remembered the name too. Yes, we are talking about Ramoji Film City...another grand city within the will be amazed to see Film City. The Guinness World Record is also recorded in the name of Film City spread over 1,666 acres. This film city was built by Telugu film director Ramoji Rao. (PC. Social media)

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