Insurance After Retirement: There will be no tension of insurance after retirement, you will get insurance even after the age of 65...


Now even people above 65 years of age will be able to get their health insurance. Private companies will not be able to refuse to provide them health insurance. At the same time, after the health insurance coverage continues for 60 months or five years, the company will not be able to reject your insurance claim under any pretext. Earlier this facility was available after continuous coverage for eight years.


IRDA issued new instructions
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has issued new instructions in this regard which will be considered applicable from the current financial year. Nowadays, many times health insurance companies reject the insurance claim on some pretext or by saying that the disease was not informed about while taking the insurance coverage. But the company will not be able to say even this after the coverage continues for five years. They will have to pay the claims for the treatment of every disease.

Coverage will start after three years
IRDAI has taken another decision in favor of consumers, according to which the coverage of already declared diseases will now start available after three years. Earlier its limit was four years. Suppose a consumer is already suffering from diabetes, then after four years of taking the coverage, he used to get a claim for hospitalization in the name of this disease, which has now been reduced to three years.


Insurance companies have been allowed to bring health products to people of different ages. Now different types of health insurance products can be launched for senior citizens, women, or students.

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