Instagram Update: Want to upload high quality video on Instagram, know the complete process here..


Often Instagram users are troubled by the problem that even after downloading their 4K videos, their video quality drops. But the question arises how does this happen and is there any way to upload videos to Instagram without losing quality?


Here we are ready to give you answers to all these questions. Let us know how you can upload high-quality videos on your Instagram.

Let us tell you that the biggest reason for this is the Instagram compression algorithm, whose purpose is to save storage space and bandwidth. Let us tell you that Instagram is not a cloud storage for keeping video files, but an online media-sharing app and social network platform. So it never means intercepting all the data in a posted file.

Once you upload a video, it calculates your file and then transfers it to the appropriate size and resolution to save on the server. Let us know about it.

How to make low-quality videos better for Instagram

     To prevent your high-quality video from being ruined due to its poor compression algorithm, Instagram pre-compresses the footage as per its requirements. This can be easily done through video processing software, VideoProc Converter AI. It has complete solutions for Instagram videos, including editing, compressing, resizing, fixing, and even downloading.

     First of all, open VideoProc Converter AI on your PC. Select 'Super Resolution' on its main UI.

     Now drop and drag your low-resolution video into it.

     Then choose your video type Anime or Reality to apply the appropriate AI model.

     Then set the scale to 2x to increase the resolution to higher quality. 3x. or 4x. If you don't want to change its resolution, or it has already exceeded the maximum supported resolution on Instagram, select Enlarge video/image (1x) in the model settings.

     After this export the video and upload it to Instagram.

How to Upload HD Videos to Instagram via iPhone

     Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone.

     After this open Settings > Account > Data Usage.

     Now toggle on High Quality Upload.

     Next exit Settings and select the video from your Photos app to upload to Instagram.

How to Upload HD Videos to Instagram via Android

     First of all open Instagram on Android.


     After this open the profile tab.

     Now go to Settings and tap on the three-dash icon.

     Here click on Account > Cellular data usage > High resolution.

     After this choose Wi-Fi in Cellular data.

     Now come back and upload the video to Instagram from the gallery.

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