Instagram Update: Instagram introduced new features, Reels and posts got new editing tools and filters, know all the details here..


Millions of people around the world use Meta's photo-sharing platform Instagram. With the help of this platform, you get the opportunity to share your special moments with people.


This platform Meta has been introducing new features and updates to give the best experience to the users. Continuing this trend, Instagram has introduced many new features. The company said that it has introduced insights to create and post photos, reels, and stories in a better way. Let us know about them in detail.

New filters will be available
Meta has introduced new filters in the app for its users. Apart from this, you are also getting such updates which can help the users in getting new editing tools.

The app is working on a feature to help you create custom stickers for which you can update your device's camera or Instagram's photo videos.

The company informed us that these features are learned from the company's Anything AI model.

Reels has editing tools
Instagram has introduced better options and editing tools for Reels, testing the ability for users to scale, crop, and rotate individual clips.

In this, you will soon get facilities like undo and redo.

The head of the platform has given information about these editing tools on his social media platform.


There are some features that are currently in the testing phase, which include combining clips with audio in Reels.

Apart from this, Instagram will give you new ways to access audio browser or trending audio, which is being tested by the company.

In the coming months, Instagram will introduce a feature for creators to track the presence of people on their Reels at all times, along with retention charts.

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