Instagram Tips: Adding voice-over to Instagram reel can increase views, and follow a very easy process..


Instagram is moving towards becoming the fastest-used social media platform in the country. The number of active users on the platform is constantly increasing. Instagram has become very popular due to its reel feature. In such a situation, if you are also fond of making reels and want to improve your reel, then you can add voiceover to the reel. By adding voiceover to the reel, the video content can be made great and easy for the users. By doing this, reels can get more views. Along with this, a little creativity can make the reel even better. Before adding voiceover to the Instagram reel, the clip of the reel should be ready, so that there is no problem later.


The first process of adding voiceover to an Instagram reel

To add voiceover to the Instagram reel, first select or create a reel.

After opening the Instagram app, tap on the plus icon on the right side.

After this, select the reel from the menu given below.

After doing this, select the clip from the phone's memory or record a new video with the capture button.

Get access to editing tools
To add voiceover to the Instagram reel, after selecting the clip, click on the Next button.

After clicking, the app will take you directly to the editing tool screen.

Record voiceover
After this, look for the icon of the voiceover and click on its button.

Then click on the Music and Editing Tools button given at the bottom.

After this, start recording in a clear voice by tapping on the voiceover icon.

Here users can increase or decrease the voice according to their own.

Check recording
Recording can also be done in the voiceover segment. However, this is an optional option.

At the same time, the recording can also be discarded with the X button.

There is a white slider button in the app, with the help of which the voiceover can be started from any part of the video.


Finally, share
When you are satisfied with your voiceover, click on the finish button on the right side. After this, music, text, and other editing things can be done.
Finally, after everything is set, click on the forward button and give a good caption to the reel.
After this, share the reel through a story or post.

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