Instagram Tips: Get ready to see ads on Instagram! You won't even get the option to skip..


For some time now, many users on Instagram have been forced to see such ads, which they are not even able to skip. Posts have also been made on social media regarding this. Now, Instagram has confirmed the testing of un-skippable ads on its platform. Earlier, a Reddit post labeled these 5-second long ads as "ad breaks", which users could not scroll. Now, according to a report, a Meta spokesperson has said that the company is testing new ways to increase value for advertisers. However, there is no confirmation that it will be implemented across the platform after testing. Let us tell you that ads have been present on the Meta-owned platform for a long time, but users can scroll them.


According to a TechCrunch report, Instagram has confirmed the testing of these ads. A company spokesperson told the publication, "We always test formats that can increase value for advertisers." However, it also added that the testing is being done only to assess its performance and user sentiment and the company will provide an update if it is to be officially implemented on a larger user base.

Following the Reddit post, several other users experienced these ads. X (formerly known as Twitter) user @TheDanLevy also posted about these ads and shared more details about them. Calling it a "bonkers move", the poster showed that these ads are labeled as 'Ad Break'. As shown in the screenshot, there is an information icon next to the label that opens a bottom sheet with the title "You are viewing an ad break".


Below that, a text gives details of the feature and says, "Ad Breaks are a new way to view ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to watch an ad before you can continue browsing." For now, it appears that these ad breaks are 5 seconds long, however, some users have also claimed to see 10 seconds long ads.

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