Instagram Tips: Now you can copy comments on Instagram, you just have to follow this simple trick..


Instagram Comment Copy Trick: Meta's popular photo-sharing app Instagram also gives many features to the users. However, many features require a third-party app. There is no feature to copy comments on the Instagram app. In such a situation, one had to work hard to copy any comment. However, now you can copy Instagram comments using a small trick. However, there are different tricks for Android and iPhone.


If you want to copy comments on Instagram through your Android phone, then first open Instagram. After this, take a screenshot of the comment you want to copy. After this, open Google Lens on your phone. If this app is not installed on your phone, then you can download it by going to the Play Store. Now open the screenshot in Google Lens. You can easily copy the comment through Google Lens.

To copy Instagram comments on your iPhone, you first have to go to the Instagram app. Here you go to the comment section and take a screenshot of the comment you want to copy. After taking the screenshot, you have to press for a while on the comment that you want to copy. After a while, you will be able to see that you can copy the comment. Unlike Android, you do not need any third-party app in iPhone.


Instagram had earlier introduced the 'Post GIFs in Comments' feature. Till now the ability to post GIFs on Instagram posts was not available, but now it has been made live for everyone. If you go directly to the comment section of any post, you will see the GIF button. As soon as you click on this button, you will see many GIFs in front of you, you can comment on any GIF post of your choice.

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