Instagram Down: 180,000 users faced problems due to Instagram being down, reports were done in minutes


Meta-owned Instagram has recovered after being briefly down due to technical issues. This technical issue had a service effect on the accounts of thousands of users worldwide. More than 180,000 users reported not being able to access Instagram at the time of the outage.


Outage tracking website reports that more than 100,000 users in the US, 24,000 in Canada and 56,000 in the UK have had problems running Instagram. Downdetector tracks outages by collecting status reports from multiple sources with users. According to reports, due to technical problems, some users had trouble accessing Instagram, but this problem was fixed soon.

There was a second outage on Instagram in four days
According to reports, this was the second outage on Instagram in just four days. It was a global outage, with many users complaining that they faced difficulties accessing Instagram, from feeds to stories and not being able to post. Are included. Some users told the problem of login and new users getting zero in their reel section.

Many tweets of Instagram outage came on Twitter
Many Instagram users took to Twitter to check the status of the outage. In this, on Reddit, users from New Zealand, Germany, Canada and all over America gave information about the outage.


Was down for some users
Instagram went down for some users at around 5:45 pm on Sunday. According to outage tracking website, the number of outages had dropped to more than 7,000 by 8:30 pm. (PC. Social media) 

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