Insta Personal Loan: Taking Insta Personal Loan online from Bajaj Finance has now become even easier, know here...

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Apply for an Instant Online Loan and get instant funding to meet unexpected expenses.

The convenience of getting instant funds to meet unexpected expenses like medical emergencies or home repairs comes in handy. However, generally availing a personal loan requires fulfilling the conditions of the lending institution as well as submitting all the required documents and waiting for a long time for approval. But this method of getting help in any kind of emergency may not be right. On such occasions, Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan helps you by providing instant and hassle-free access to funds.


Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan allows select customers to get the loan amount in their account in just 30 minutes*. If you want to take an instant personal loan, then this is the best option for you. Existing Bajaj Finance customers can get a pre-approved loan offer of up to Rs 12,76,500, while new customers can instantly know their pre-assigned loan amount with just their mobile number and OTP.

Below are 4 additional benefits of Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan:

Instant processing
There is no need to go through a lengthy application process for Insta Personal Loan and you can avail of your loan offer in a very short time. Existing customers as well as new customers can easily know about their Insta Personal Loan offer through their mobile number and OTP. This way, you can get the loan amount within minutes right from the comfort of your home.

No income verification is required and no additional fees
Some of our existing customers can avail of Insta Personal Loan without any paperwork and do not even have to submit income-proof or KYC documents. Furthermore, nothing is hidden in the entire process. Complete information about all applicable fees and charges is given in the loan documents and on the company's website. No hidden charges are charged.

Facility to get instant money
With pre-approved personal loan offers, Insta Personal Loan completes all processes quickly for the convenience of customers. The loan amount is credited to your bank account within 30 minutes* to 4 hours of applying for the loan.

Flexible loan repayment time frame
We understand very well that the needs of two different people can never be the same. Therefore, in Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan, customers are given time ranging from 6 to 63 months to repay the loan. You can choose the loan repayment tenure keeping in mind your needs.


Here's how to know about Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan offer:
For existing customers:

If you are an existing Bajaj customer or have previously applied for a loan, you may be offered a pre-approved loan. For this, only your phone number is needed. Simply visit the Insta Personal Loan page of the Bajaj Finserv website click on “Check Offer” and enter your phone number. After this verify your profile through a one-time password (OTP). You will not need to submit any documents, as this type of loan is already approved.
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