Income Tax Notice: If you make these mistakes, you will get Income Tax notice at home..

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Income Tax Department encourages every taxpayer in the country to follow the tax rules. If you do not follow these rules, you may also receive an income tax notice for this. The tax department makes assessments on many aspects. But as a taxpayer, you make many such mistakes, due to which income tax notice may be served. We are telling you about such mistakes or situations in which you may receive income tax notices.


There was a mistake in the form at the time of the ITR filing
If you have made any mistake in any form at the time of ITR filing. The tax department asks you to disclose your assets and income accurately. But if by mistake you have not given correct information in your ITR then you may get a notice for the same.

An incorrect claim has been made
If you have claimed the wrong tax exemption while filing an income tax return, then you can be given a tax notice for this also.

You have not stated your correct income
If at the time of verification of the ITR form, the department feels that you have not entered information about any of your assets in the ITR, or you have not disclosed your actual income, then you may also get a notice. The details of income, investment earnings, assets, etc. in your ITR form should be complete, because if something else appears in your profile but something else appears in the ITR declaration, then a notice will be sent to you.

High fluctuations in income or transactions
Even if there is a huge difference in income in your ITR, you may still receive an income tax notice for its verification. For example, if the department notices that your income has suddenly decreased or increased suddenly, then it can ask for information on this. Also, if you have done many high-value transactions or invested money in high-value property or any other similar asset but the complete details of these are not available in your tax return, then you may also receive a notice.

Error in TDS claim
While filing TDS (tax deducted at source), it should be as per the information in Forms 26AS and 16 or 16A. If this is not done properly then you may get a notice under Section 143 (1) of the IT Act.

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The department can also assess the earlier tax returns if necessary and if it turns out that correct information on taxable income has not been given in the ITR, then the taxpayer can get a notice under section 147 and reassessment can be done.


late filing of tax return
Additionally, if you do not file your ITR on time, you may still receive a tax notice. Section 142(1)(i) of the IT Act makes it mandatory for you to make a return, otherwise a notice can be sent to you. You may also be fined.

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