Income Tax Notice: If notice of income tax mismatch comes, in how many days and how to reply, taxpayers must know...


The Income Tax Department has found a mismatch in the Income Tax Returns of many taxpayers. Due to the difference between the information given by the third party and the information given by the taxpayers, the taxpayer may also get a notice from the Income Tax Department.


Many users have also received SMS regarding this. The Income Tax Department has said that this is just information. Do not consider this as a notice from the Income Tax Department.

Actually, taxpayers give information related to their income while filing returns. All this information is also given by the taxpayer's company and bank. In such situations, many times the information given by the company and the taxpayer differs. Information regarding this is given by the department.

If the taxpayer does not correct the mismatched details in time, he may receive a notice from the department. To make it easier for the taxpayer to find mismatches, the Income Tax Department has provided the facility 'Compliance Portal' on the Income Tax Portal.

If you also feel that any information in the return filed by you is wrong or different from that of a third party, then you can correct it ahead of time.


How to fix mismatched information
     You have to go to the Income Tax website (
     After this, you have to log in.
     Now you have to go to the e-verification tab.
     Those who are not registered will have to sign up first. After registration, you will have to log in and go to the compliance portal.
     Now by selecting it on-screen, all the mismatch information will be shown to you.
     After this, the information which is incorrect will have to be corrected.

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