Incognito Mode Tips: Do you also make the mistake of considering Incognito mode as safe? know here...


Privacy and security are the most important things for everyone and sometimes due to our small mistakes, privacy gets endangered. There is a risk of data leakage. But to avoid this, some users use incognito mode.


They feel that by searching here the security risk is reduced and they can search anything without the history being saved. But is it so? If yes then why there is a risk of data leakage in incognito mode? We are going to tell you about this here.

Is incognito mode safe?

Incognito mode is especially used by those users who want no one can see their browsing history and it should not be saved even with Google. In this mode, history is not saved like normal browsing, nor does Google save information about cookies, form data, passwords, and temporary data.

It can be considered safe as compared to normal browsing. However, it would not be correct to say that this eliminates the risk of users' devices being hacked.

Is history saved or not?

Even if you do not use this mode for search. But hackers can still target your device. Incognito mode is not designed to protect against malware or any other suspicious things.

Rather, its purpose is not to save users' data temporarily. That means if you search anything here, the history gets deleted immediately. Whereas during normal browsing the history remains saved. There are many benefits of browsing in this mode. That's why you must have noticed.


This mode is used in public places or cyber cafes etc. Some users have the misconception that their data remains completely safe in incognito. But, in reality, this does not happen, rather hackers can easily check your browsing history through DNS Cache. Even though the incognito mode is called private. But it is not completely safe.

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